April 6th, 2020
The Future Starts Now
by Khaled Yatim

Over the past two decades, technology has rapidly advanced, and the entire nature of commerce has changed. 20 years ago, you would never dream of booking a vacation without a travel agent holding your hand every step of the way. They would do all the research, sit with you while you looked at pictures, collect your information, book your tickets, and send you your itinerary – in the mail.

Today, it’s hard to imagine having to go through that process, or having to go through another person to book a simple flight. Technology has given us a great deal of autonomy, not just when it comes to travel, but across the board. We’re empowered to make our own informed decisions and take matters into our own hands.

Yet, throughout this time, the real estate industry has remained largely technologically stagnant – and not stagnant in a good place.

Buying and selling a home have historically been known as some of life’s most stressful events, because sales have been clunky, costly, and stressful – and that’s just sad. Selling a home should be an exciting and rewarding milestone and buying a home should be positively joyful. Both should be on the list of life’s exciting journeys, not the list of greatest stressors.

It’s time to rewrite the narrative and create a brighter and happier real estate model for the future. The market is craving a real estate brokerage that fits the theme and lifestyle of the modern-day buyer and seller. People are more mobile and autonomous than ever before, and they want processes and experiences to match.

For nearly two years, the NILE team has been reimagining the future of real estate, bridging the best of classic real estate with smart technology to create a user-friendly, intelligent and easy experience.

The NILE ecosystem simplifies the end to end process and gives buyers and sellers the power to control key real estate decisions and without the need for a traditional agent. Breaking down walls between buyer and seller, we’ve reengineered home sales, and streamlined brokerage, inspection, escrow, and title insurance into one convenient platform. And that streamlined experience is provided at a transparent and low fixed cost.

At NILE, we are committed to changing the very framework of the industry to enable experiences that are stress free, rewarding, and enjoyable.

I invite you to visit our new website to learn more about the NILE technology and philosophy – I’m so excited to finally be able to share it.

Let’s dream forward together.


About the Author
Khaled Yatim | The Ideator

Khaled Yatim is NILE's Co-Founder, dreamer and Chief Executive Officer. A California native with an innate passion for real estate, by 20 Khaled was the youngest licensed broker in the state. In the ensuing 15 years, Khaled honed his skills working with an array of real estate clients on a variety of property types, ultimately closing over 100 million dollars in sales. A people person with a passion for problem solving, Khaled identified key deficiencies in the traditional brokerage model, and set out to find a solution. Addressing an unmet need in the market, Khaled set to integrate the best of classic brokerage with modern technology, co-founding NILE.