July 13th, 2020
At Home with NILE: Traditional and Disruptive Real Estate Trends
by Lesley Bishin

When we decided to host a live conversation between our CEO, Khaled Yatim – an unabashed real estate tech disruptor – and our friend   from Hilton Hyland – who specializes in traditional real estate – people thought that was downright weird. One of the first questions submitted was why are you having a conversation with this person – aren’t they your competition? Well, we certainly don’t feel that way. In fact, we feel we are two sides of the same coin with the same goal, which is to best serve our consumer community.

At this moment, tech and traditional real estate still largely separate entities. That is not to say they do not cross-pollinate. Particularly with the global pandemic, traditional brokerages have been forced to be more open to moving transitionally online. But in general, it’s one or the other: If you’ve got technology or you’re innovative you can get lumped into discount brokerage; high-end boutique firms have the opposite problem – they get lumped into non tech.

So, is there the possibility of a marriage between the two? 

People deserve best of both tech and traditional worlds – you need the data, but you want someone to properly analyze it. This is why home sales will still require a professional navigator even as tech plays a more important role.

Why do you have to choose between chocolate ice cream vs vanilla ice cream?
You can have both.

Check out Khaled and Kris’s At Home with NILE episode to get their take on hyperlocal Idiosyncrasies and why local expertise is still important, and how merging technology with high touchpoint interactions is the real future of real estate.

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