Breaking down walls between buyer and seller, NILE has reengineered home sales, and streamlined brokerage, inspection, escrow, and title into one user-friendly platform.

Imagine brilliant technology, local & dedicated advisors, and transparent pricing, all at your fingertips.

Step into the Future with NILE.
Smart Technology
for Smart Humans
NILE’s leading-edge technology makes it easy for you to make empowered property purchases and sales.

The NILE platform gives you access to services that were previously restricted and controlled by real estate agents. You can book your private home tour, access clear, concise information and get answers to real estate questions, and even directly make an offer – yourself.

And, we're with you every step of the way. NILE's team of professionals is here to lead and advise you through the entire process – empowering you, and putting savings into your pocket.
We live in an age where we expect to have access to information at our fingertips. So why do we still think it’s ok to be in the dark when it comes to the most important investment of our lives? (Hint: It’s not!)
The traditional real estate model is overcomplicated and outdated. Residential real estate sales have historically been clunky, costly, and stressful. Over the past 20 years, technology has rapidly advanced, and the entire nature of commerce has changed. Yet, the real estate industry has remained technologically stagnant… Until now.
As technology continues to grow and change the way we do business, real estate is the next big industry poised for a drastic reimagining. Breaking down walls between buyer and seller, NILE is challenging the traditional model and redefining the very nature of the industry.

It just takes a little imagination – and some really smart technology.

As our name, NILE, suggests, we believe the real estate market ebbs and flows like a river. Its constantly flowing landscape continues to evolve, carving out new opportunities, while revitalizing previously bare shores.

On one shore, you’ve got the buyer; on the other bank, the seller. In the flowing water between them are hidden obstacles, some of them moving. NILE is committed to helping you navigate that river, within a single ecosystem, ushering you to a clean and quick closing date.

While we take the lead and are happy to steer every step of the way, unlike the traditional real estate model, we don’t just help you navigate the real estate stream by giving you a ride across. We’re going to show you where all the hidden rocks are, where the current gets tricky, and where to find the hidden gems, so that you can easily navigate yourself, should you want to. After all, transparency is the key to growth and innovation, both in real estate, and in life.

Buying a Home
/ Selling a Home
Selling a Home with NILE
Selling a home is often a natural extension of the homebuying process, particularly in the case of a growing family. Whether it’s to recoup on an investment or to make another one, selling is also a process that has historically been met with a great deal of anxiety. But real estate is a fantastic investment, and like the stock market, selling can mean a great deal of reward – and excitement.

NILE uses robust analytics to pinpoint relevant shoppers, roll out effective marketing campaigns, and find the perfect buyer for your home.
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Buying a Home with NILE
At NILE, we are changing the very framework of the industry to make buying experiences that are stress free, rewarding, and enjoyable. We believe buying a home is a wonderful milestone, an intelligent investment, and a chance to dream forward.

Empowering you throughout the home buying process by giving you access to information, NILE gives you the option to schedule your own tour, request information, and even make an offer.

Post-close, we continue to facilitate the customer journey by providing a single place for people to easily manage everything related to home ownership such as mortgage, taxes, value, operating costs and maintenance records. Learn More
Nile Team is Your Team
You’re in charge, but every winning quarterback has a stellar team helping them during any winning game. With NILE, you get more than a real estate broker; you get a whole team working for you and watching your back so that you are always informed and empowered.

Our team of professionals is here to guide you through the entire process – on your timeline – with a personal and dedicated agent advisor to lead the way. Plus, you’ll have complimentary access to NILE’s extended team of service providers, like real estate attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, and home inspectors, so you’re covered every step of the way.
Get to know some of the people behind the curtain:
Khaled Yatim | The Ideator
NILE Co-Founder, dreamer and Chief Executive Officer. A California native with an innate passion for real estate, by 20 Khaled was the youngest licensed broker in the state. In the ensuing 15 years, Khaled honed his skills working with an array of real estate clients on a variety of property types, ultimately closing over 100 million dollars in sales. A people person with a passion for problem solving, Khaled identified key deficiencies in the traditional brokerage model, and set out to find a solution. Addressing an unmet need in the market, Khaled set to integrate the best of classic brokerage with modern technology, co-founding NILE.
Miles Friedman | The Creator
NILE Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer and all-round inspector gadget. A content creator and visionary with over a decade of experience leading projects from concept to execution, Miles specializes in building organic marketing campaigns, creative strategy, and production workflow. He has managed product development for Fortune 500 companies as well as big-budget films, but his greatest strength is his ability to connect with people. Miles’ deep understanding of people allows him to effectively create and roll out campaigns that resonate with customers.
Lesley Bishin | The Communicator
Communications strategist, writer, editor and translator with more than 15 years of experience creating content for a variety of channels – including web, print, broadcast and event – and across various industry and philanthropic sectors. Areas of expertise include strategy, speechwriting, copywriting, translation (French to English and human to human), public relations, and thinking outside the box.
Aaron Farney | The Technologist
Technology executive and project manager with over 25 years experience in IT infrastructure, software development, building management and energy management systems, and electrical building systems. Specialties include harnessing, utilizing and maximizing technology, project management office (PMO), traditional Waterfall style in addition to Agile / Scrum frameworks, and project rescue – fixing broken projects.
Robert Hines | The Designer
New York based Creative Director with an extensive design background in the real estate, health, fashion, travel, luxury, and beauty fields. Robert has worked with various high profile brands and clientele over the years, with a work history extending over 15+ years.  
Shunei Chou | The Developer
Web developer with more than 20 years of experience. Based in Japan and trilingual (English Chinese and Japanese), Shunei has worked with numerous companies developing major systems. Specialties include ReactJS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET, MSSQL, and Docker.